Don’t have the most typical body shape and trying to buy a suit? No problems, here at veracity shop, we offer you advice on how you can choose a suit to best complement your figure. Just follow these simple advice and you won’t go wrong.


Short and Chubby

  • The jacket can’t be too long. This makes your legs look longer and thus makes you appear overall taller.
  • Should choose a darker coloured fabric to make you look smaller (skinnier).
  • The lapel should be narrows to make you appear skinnier.
  • Double vents will make your waist and butt look smaller.


Short and Skinny

  • The jacket can’t be too long. This makes your legs look longer and thus make you appear overall taller.
  • You should not wear overly dark fabrics, as it will make you appear even smaller.
  • You should wear more closely fitted suits.
  • Wearing stripes will make you look taller.



Tall and Chubby

  • You should choose a darker coloured fabric to make yourself look smaller (skinnier).
  • You should wear slightly loose fitted suits.
  • The lapel should be narrows to make you appear skinnier.
  • Double vents will make your waist and butt look smaller.
  • If you were to choose a stripe or box patterned fabric, the pattern must be very subtle.


  • Tall and Skinny

    • You should not wear overly dark fabrics, as it will make you appear even skinnier.
    • You should not wear striped fabrics, as it will make yourself appear even skinnier and taller.
    • You can select box patterned fabrics to make yourself appear more rounded.
    • You should select 3 or 4 buttoned suits to close the distance between the buttons so they don’t exaggerate your height.




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It is said that men are from Mars  while Women are from Venus, that can be seen no clearer that in the clothes they wear. Throughout the ages, women have sought out the latest in fashion trends, colour, patterns, prints. Men on the other hand, seek something far different. They look for clothing with style and taste; clothing that show elegance and sophistication. Nothing exemplifies this more than the humble suit. A well made suit adds to your confidence, whether it’s in the workplace or on that first date, it is always reassuring to know that you look as smart as you possibly can.
However, when you buy a brand-name suit from on of those big name companies: Zegna, Giorgio Armani, Hugo Boss. How ever renowned the brand is, how ever much you paid for it, it’s not going to give you the same sense of confidence as a made-to-measure suit. That’s because those suits are production clothing. They came out of a production line with thousands just like it. No matter how good you look in one, there will be someone (if not a few thousand others) that look just as good as you. This is not the case with made-to-measure suits.


A professionally tailored made-to-measure suit will not only fit you like a second skin, but it will also reflect your personality and your life. During the process of ordering a made-to-measure suit, you will initiate a relationship with your tailor.  Your tailor will provide you with advice on fabrics and styles depending on your lifestyle and profession. You tailor has to observe and document the your body shape, measurements and special needs. The end result? You will be provided with a suit that is made by you and solely for you. A suit you can proudly wear to achieve you goals in life.

I’ll update an article on the process of getting a made-to-measure suit done soon. So look out for that. ^_^

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There are many methods for styling your suit, shirt and tie. The myriad of possible combinations can either make you the next David Beckham or look like a scene out of Bruno. However, if you are like many other men out there who wouldn’t have a clue how to pick out  an attire for the day, Veracity tailor shop is going to provide you with a simple guide on style matching.




Veracity Tailor  3 by 3 Method

Colour Matching

The colour of your suit, shirt and tie can be matched with any one of the following 3 combinations

  • Dark (suit) – Light (shirt) – Dark (tie)
  • Light (suit) – Medium (shirt) – Light (tie)
  • Dark (suit) – Medium (shirt) – Light (tie)

Those three are the basic colour combinations, and will almost guarantee an appealing results


Pattern Matching

  • 3 solids – No pattern or extremely subtle patterns on your suit, shirt and tie. This is the safest approach you can go with, and can’t go wrong.
  • 2 solids and 1 patterned – Here patterned means any form of non-uniform colour schemes, whether it’s stripes, prints or other patterns. The patterned item can be either the suit, shirt or tie. However, one of the colours of the patterned item has to be the same or similar to the colour of either one of the other solid items.
  • 2 patterned and 1 solid – The two patterned items must have a distinct primary and secondary pattern, where the primary has a clear dominancy in terms of eye catching. This way, the two patterned items won’t fight for the attention of onlookers.


Other Notes for Pattern Matching

If you’re planning to wear a vertically striped suit or shirt, which often happens, it is best not to wear a vertically striped tie. You should wear either a diagonally striped tie or a non-directional tie such as polka dots or prints. This provides a break up in the pattern and makes you look more natural.

For patterned ties, the base colours, that is the background colour for print ties or the most abundant colour for stripes, should either be the same as the primary colour of your suit or the complementary (opposite) colour.

Of the colours of your patterned tie, there should be at least one that is the same or similar to the colour/s of your shirt.

If you’re wearing a heavily patterned shirt, you should be extremely careful when matching a tie. The tie shouldn’t be to fancy as it can fight for attention with the shirt, but it also shouldn’t be a plain solid colour as this will break the pattern of the shirt and become an eyesore.


Shape Matching

Ties come in 3 general width:

  • The narrowest ties range from 5-7cm
  • The most common ties range from 8-9cm
  • Ties can go up to 12cm

The thickness of one’s tie is very important. The general rule is: The width of the tie should be the same as the width of your suit’s lapel, it should also be close to your shirt collar’s width.


Final Thoughts

The above is the basic guideline for matching methods. However, there are no real rules in styling yourself, and you should experiment with different combinations to find your own style. Veracity tailor shop  has prepared a combination of assorted ties with which you can solve most of your styling problems. You might also want to take a look at our suit selection.


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A new addition to our catalogue are Ivy League Style Jackets in a variety of colour palettes.

These Jackets are perfect for an afternoon outdoors and they’re just as suave for an art gallery opening.

For a limited time they’re are available for $360.


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