Styles vary with time and personal taste, but some things are fundamental s, and essential for any suit.


  • The right cut and measurement – This is part of the process for any bespoken suit (i.e.: made from scratch for the individual) or for a suit you choose (i.e.: you choose a style and you like, we make it for your frame). Measurement means the final suit is literally made for you.
  • Quality fabrics – The material makes all the difference. Good wool can make a suit appropriate for summer or winter. Combinations that add a little polyester or rayon can let a suit keep its shape without creases, at least under normal conditions. It is possible to make suits out of cheap polyester, but almost nobody does as the slightly greater cost of the better material is more than justified. If an individual is spending the money on a bespoken suit they should take the extra step and have the best fabric possible.
  • Thread and manufacture – The best fabric in the world is only as good as the stiches that hold it together. A well-made garment with quality stitching will last for years.
  • Design flexibility- You want a custom suit to be your suit. Small details can make all the difference. Find a tailor who can provide all the little tweaks.
  • Being able to wear what is comfortable – This is something you don’t notice until it goes wrong. The custom suit is made to fit you. If the tailor knows his art and skill then comfort should never be an issue; the well measured suit just gets it right.
  • The pockets that don’t show the content. There should never be a bulge for a wallet or keys. The possessions are on the individual without being noticed. We add a pocket for a mobile phone these days, but the invisible possession philosophy remains the same.
  • A good suit isn’t noticed, its wearer is. This is almost a paradox, but the style should be so akin to the wearer that the look isn’t questioned. The person looks great, or maybe the person looks great in that suit. It should never just be a person who is wearing a great suit.

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  • Is a button coming off? A little super glue on the tread, or even some nail polish/varnish, will stop the button coming off. The isn’t permanent, but at least you won’t lose the button, so you can have it properly sown back later on.
  • Does clothing pill (form little tufts of cloth)? Use a shaving razor to remove this. Piling tends to happen when clothing is old, but shaving will let the item last a little longer.
  • Bleach stains on black clothing can be covered with a permanent marker.
  • The collars on shirts can be flattened with a hair straightening iron.
  • Zippers can be ‘lubricated’ with talcum powder.
  • Talcum powder also soaks up oil stains.
  • Lemon juice gets rid of sweat stains, especially underarm stains. Some people find bicarbonate of soda is also useful for this.
  • Shoes too tight. Heat will expand leather by a small amount. Put on some thick socks and then put on the tight shoes. Heat them with a hairdryer (especially the tighter parts) and the shoes will expands slightly.
  • Lipstick stains often come off with hairspray.
  • Shaving foam can help clean many makeup stains
  • Socks or jeans left in the freezer will no longer suffer odour. Put them in a plastic bag and freeze overnight.


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