About Us


Veracity Tailor is a Sydney based fashion studio established by Dawei in 1994. It started as a production company providing many services such as pattern making, sample making, cutting service and production runs. Whilst predominately working with Australia’s fashion designers, Veracity Tailor also serviced the made-to-measure needs of Sydney.

Dawei is a professional pattern designer and master tailor. With diplomas in pattern making and tailoring, he has since taught in Raffles College of Design and Commerce.

Veracity Tailor has worked with renowned Australian designers like Nicola Fenetti, Marnie Skillings, Rebecca Dawson, Akira and many others, producing samples for events such as the Australian Fashion Week.

In 2000, after opening its first tailoring shop in Inner Sydney, comprised of master tailors and designers, we launched the Veracity label. The Veracity label has the goal of providing Sydney with the complete fashion experience.

Currently, Veracity Tailor provides Australia’s best personal made-by-measure service. We also provide leading design, made-to-order and production services for professional corporate uniforms.

Veracity Designs

Veracity Tailor is partnered with many consulting designers. They can provide you with world-class professional designs apparels. We hope you will participate in this unique service.

Veracity Tailor

The master tailors at Veracity Tailor can provide top class personalised bespoke services for our customers. They also provide multiple custom services for our corporate customers such as pattern making and sample making.

Veracity Production

Veracity Tailor is partnered with leading apparel factories from around the world. We only send our patterns and samples to professional specialist factories. With our strict quality control we ensure the highest quality finish and competitive prices for your custom wear.

Veracity Class

Here at Veracity, we believe in giving back to the community. Our master tailor will be updating our blog with his decades of tailoring and pattern making experience. It’s well worth a read.