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Tailoring is making a custom fitted garment, specifically designed for an individual and their particular build. This gives the best possible result for every person. Very few individuals have the ideal / generic build that most off-the-rack clothing is designed to fit. Most individuals benefit from custom suits because these suit accommodate individual differences and compensate for a shorter / taller wider or thinner build.

Perhaps everybody should have at least one custom suit for more formal events.

Alteration Sydney

Alterations are less extensive changes to a suit or garment. They are usually concerned with how a piece of clothing fits and will alter one, or maybe two aspects of the garment. This can be anything from taking up a hem to bring in a waistline. It would only be a slight exaggeration to say that alterations on an otherwise well-fitting garment is the next best thing to a tailored suit.

Occasionally an item of clothing is altered in order to change its appearance rather than its fit.

Clothing Repairs Sydney,

People rarely bother to repair cheaper clothing; often they are content to simply replace items. But good quality clothing, or anything that is hard to replace, is well worth maintaining. If your clothing is damaged through misadventure it can usually be repaired, often without the damage being noticeable.


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Wedding dresses and Bridesmaid dresses are often bought in for alteration before the big event. Wedding dress alterations are mostly about design changes, where bridesmaid dresses are about getting the right fit for each of the bridesmaids. Though there is some variation either way with this practice.

The fabric and structure of a wedding gown is quite different to almost any other type of garment. Decorations on wedding dresses can be elaborate, with frills, beads and other ornamentation; else, they can be simple and elegant, with great dependence on the right fit. The only comparable garments are for fancy dress or elaborate balls. Such dress designs requite a certain amount of skill, expertise and experience.

Some individuals do attempt wedding dress modifications themselves. This is fine if you have the necessary skill and if the alteration is minor. Such alterations were common a few generations ago when many wives often made clothes for the whole family. Modern trends towards working families means only a few women and men possess the required sowing skills for such fine work.

Wedding dress modifications should be made as early as possible. But often a bride plans to ‘get in shape’ for the big day, so late alterations become necessary.

Remember that the veil, shoes, undergarments and anything else worn or carried on the wedding day should be carefully considered with the dress design. Everybody wants the final overall look to be as effective as possible.


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There are both new ideas in fashion and there are old ideas that keep coming back. In both cases we can find that popular clothing can be altered to suit changing fashions, or to accommodate personal preference. Else, we might just need to accommodate our own physical changes as we age.

Alterations Sydney
-The most common alteration are:

-Pant leg hemming

-Pants waist adjustment

-Shirt and jacket sleeve hemming

-Skirts hemming

-Blazers/jackets – adjust shoulders.

-Skirts waist adjustment

-Dress darts

-Blazers darts and seams

-Trousers leg width

-Adding/removing dress sleaves

-Adding/removing belt loops

If you have hand-me-downs clothes that have been stored for a while you might well find that there are a few good items that are worth wearing, perhaps with a few alterations.
If the items suffer a little odour after being stored you might try: washing them with borax; storing them with baking soda; leaving them inside out in the Sun for a few days.

Clothing Alterations Sydney

A few alterations and clothing can fir us well and reflect who we wish to be.30973138_s

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Don’t have the most typical body shape and trying to buy a suit? No problems, here at veracity shop, we offer you advice on how you can choose a suit to best complement your figure. Just follow these simple advice and you won’t go wrong.


Short and Chubby

  • The jacket can’t be too long. This makes your legs look longer and thus makes you appear overall taller.
  • Should choose a darker coloured fabric to make you look smaller (skinnier).
  • The lapel should be narrows to make you appear skinnier.
  • Double vents will make your waist and butt look smaller.


Short and Skinny

  • The jacket can’t be too long. This makes your legs look longer and thus make you appear overall taller.
  • You should not wear overly dark fabrics, as it will make you appear even smaller.
  • You should wear more closely fitted suits.
  • Wearing stripes will make you look taller.



Tall and Chubby

  • You should choose a darker coloured fabric to make yourself look smaller (skinnier).
  • You should wear slightly loose fitted suits.
  • The lapel should be narrows to make you appear skinnier.
  • Double vents will make your waist and butt look smaller.
  • If you were to choose a stripe or box patterned fabric, the pattern must be very subtle.


  • Tall and Skinny

    • You should not wear overly dark fabrics, as it will make you appear even skinnier.
    • You should not wear striped fabrics, as it will make yourself appear even skinnier and taller.
    • You can select box patterned fabrics to make yourself appear more rounded.
    • You should select 3 or 4 buttoned suits to close the distance between the buttons so they don’t exaggerate your height.




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It is said that men are from Mars  while Women are from Venus, that can be seen no clearer that in the clothes they wear. Throughout the ages, women have sought out the latest in fashion trends, colour, patterns, prints. Men on the other hand, seek something far different. They look for clothing with style and taste; clothing that show elegance and sophistication. Nothing exemplifies this more than the humble suit. A well made suit adds to your confidence, whether it’s in the workplace or on that first date, it is always reassuring to know that you look as smart as you possibly can.
However, when you buy a brand-name suit from on of those big name companies: Zegna, Giorgio Armani, Hugo Boss. How ever renowned the brand is, how ever much you paid for it, it’s not going to give you the same sense of confidence as a made-to-measure suit. That’s because those suits are production clothing. They came out of a production line with thousands just like it. No matter how good you look in one, there will be someone (if not a few thousand others) that look just as good as you. This is not the case with made-to-measure suits.


A professionally tailored made-to-measure suit will not only fit you like a second skin, but it will also reflect your personality and your life. During the process of ordering a made-to-measure suit, you will initiate a relationship with your tailor.  Your tailor will provide you with advice on fabrics and styles depending on your lifestyle and profession. You tailor has to observe and document the your body shape, measurements and special needs. The end result? You will be provided with a suit that is made by you and solely for you. A suit you can proudly wear to achieve you goals in life.

I’ll update an article on the process of getting a made-to-measure suit done soon. So look out for that. ^_^

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