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Full custom made-to-measure suit $480

Hundreds of fabrics and styles. Each suit individually tailored to fit

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Quality Construction

At Veracity Tailor, we don’t compromise on quality. Your suit has over 20 internal pieces and layers, all skillfully assembled by our experienced tailors to produce the perfect fit and bring out the best in your fabric. Every suit is individually tailored to your exact measurements and specifications

Half Canvas

The ever versatile half-canvassing; providing structure and strength to your suit, whilst being light and breathable for the Australian summer. Suits from Veracity Tailor uses half-canvassing by default, however, you can upgrade to a full canvas suit for an additional fee.

Classic Lining

When it comes to suit quality, it’s not only the outside that counts. A great suit needs an equally great lining. Here at Veracity Tailor, choose from our classic range of fabrics to find your perfect lining. Upgrade to our deluxe lining range to make a striking statement. (additional fee applies)

Professionally Measured to Fit

It takes over 20 measurements to construct a perfectly fitted suit. The less measurements provided, the more guesswork your tailor will need to make. Don’t trust stores that suggest it can be done with a handful of measurements. At Veracity Tailor, our tailors will professionally take over 20 measurements to ensure your suit fits you perfectly.

First and Second Fitting

No matter how good your tailor is, they can’t produce a perfectly fitted suit all in one go. There will always be adjustments that need to be made. If your tailoring store doesn’t offer any fittings, alarm bells should be going off, even the best tailors in the world cannot guarantee a good fit without a fitting. At Veracity Tailor, we provide you with two fittings, to ensure the suit you walk out with will be a perfect fit.

Hundreds of Fabrics

At Veracity Tailor, we have hundreds of fabric styles for every occasion and every budget. Whether you are looking for plain, plaid or pinstripes, we have hundreds of colors for you to choose from.

Full Style Customization

There are over a dozen areas to customise a suit. Whether is the lapel, the pocket, or choosing between one button or two buttons, we can do it all. Design your own suit just the way you like it. With the millions of combinations in suit styles, you can be sure your suit will  be unique to you.

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(Wool Blend)

Made to Measure


(Pure Wool 130's)

Made to Measure


(Imported Italian Pure Wool 130's)

Bespoke Tailored
Hundreds of fabric colours and patterns
Full style customisation
Custom made-to-measure construction
Custom bespoke construction
Over 20 measurements professionally taken
First and second fittings
Half Canvas
Full Canvas
Classic Lining Selection
Deluxe Lining Selection
Price $480 $680 $1680

* Suits with chest measurements over 42 inches will incur an additional $50 “big and tall” surcharge.

* Custom tailored suits will require 4 weeks turnaround.


Upgrade to full-canvas: $80

Upgrade to deluxe lining range: $40