Veracity Tailor strives to provide you with the finest skills and services that custom tailoring have to offer. We combine the finest materials and the skills of the best tailors to ensure you are provided with a product of the highest quality.

Our fabrics have been selected by our exclusive design team, and are updated every season. They are also responsible for designing our suit and shirt styles.

Veracity Tailor will provide you with a holistic bespoke tailoring service. The master tailor who took your measurements and saw your body shape will be the one who marks your pattern and be responsible for your fitting and alteration. A perfect fit guaranteed!

We can save your pattern and measurements to make you a new custom garment without you returning to our studio.

Who's our service for?

For that special occasion. If you need to attend a wedding, dinner party, interview, dance competition... you name it. Veracity Tailor can help you with the perfect suit for that special occasion.

If you have a certain body shape that no off-the-shelf suit will fit, Veracity Tailor can help you. With our decades of experience, our tailors will ensure your suit fits perfectly.

If you're simply not satisfied with the off-the-shelf suits, and want something special, we can help. Our design consultants and master tailor will work with you to produce a truly unique suit that only you will have.

Even if you already have a suit, our master tailor provides an alteration service. We will tailor garments to product a perfect fit, making you look and feel great.

Please visit our studio for more information.