Custom Shirt


Finding a shirt that fit properly is no longer a problem with Veracity Tailor’s made-to-measure shirts. We can make shirts in your exact measurements using the fabric and style of your choice to produce the perfect shirt. Whether it’s working in the office or taking a stroll in the streets, you will always feel comfortable in our shirts.

Veracity Tailor is currently offering a custom made casual shirt service from $180. (does not include fabric)


Collar Selection

Wide Spread Collar

Button-down Collar

French Collar

Wing Tip Collar

Round Collar

Band Collar

Cuff Selection

Square Cuffs 1-button

Angle Cuffs 2-button

Angle Cuffs 1-button

French Cuffs

Round Cuffs 1-button

Pocket Selection

Round Pocket

Diamond Pocket

Back Selection

Plain Back

Two-side Pleats


Bottom Cut Selection

Classic Bottom Cut

Straight Bottom Cut