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Made to Measure Services

Vercity Tailor provides quality made to measure service using the finest quality suiting and shirting fabrics. This service typically takes 4-5 weeks to complete, and involves 2 fittings.

Dear Customers,

If you feel your off-the-shelf suits doesn't fit quite right, come to my studio and I can help. I will observe your body shape, and make the necessary alterations to make it fit perfectly.

If you need some custom apparels. I will make careful measurements and observation before setting a custom pattern; one unique to your body shape. I will also personally fit your suits and make any necessary alterations and/or adjustments. I guarantee you will be satisfied with a suit personally measured and fitted by me.

Master Tailor Dawei

Veracity Tailor is currently offering a premium made to measure suits service. All suits made in Australia by Master tailor Dawei.

    Holland & Sherry - $2500
    Veracity Fine Wool Collection - $980
By appointment only.

Made to Measure Prices

Price quoted for Veracity Fine Wool Collection.

Service Price
Suit $980
Vest $320
Pants $280
Skirt $280
Waist Coat $800
Morning Coat $1200