Suits do not change too much over time. Or, more accurately, the details change a lot but the general suit keeps the same basic form.


A few recent stylistic fashions.

  • Bold Patterns – The patterns have always been there, but the particular pattern keeps changing with the fashion of the day. Frustrating if a good suit is out of fashion.
  • Slim lapels – More modern, but this varies over time.
  • Slanted pocket – Also known as Hacking pockets, these were once only seen on bespoken suits. They can make the wearer look less mid-heavy; a matter of individual build and preference.
  • Pick stitching. Most people don’t notice the stitching, and pick stitching is even more subtle than regular stitching. Again, this came from bespoken suits and found its way onto cheaper suits because it was considered more high quality. Nor too difficult with modern technology.


A few suit details consistent over the years.

  • The pockets inside the jacket. The jacket once held a pocket watch and a wallet. The watch is now physically and functionally replaced by the cell-phone.
  • The small pockets at the front, right of the trousers and inside the trouser main pocket. The front one is for small change. The inside pocket was for a watch.
  • Solid colours – There have always been patterned suits, but the patterns keep going in and out of fashion. Black or solid dark blue have always looked classy and classic.
  • Cuffs in pants – Tapered pants were fashionable for a while, but cuffs were always neat and acceptable. Often not directly noticed, but cuffs change the apparent length of your leg.
  • Jacket centre vent – Vents stay because they let the jacket fit neatly while still giving you mobility. Some people prefer double vents, as slightly greater cost.
  • 3 inch lapels – these just seem to look neither too old fashioned nor too far removed from modern fashions. Middle ground.
  • The right fit – there have been trends towards baggy styles or super slim. Some individuals with the right build can look good with these variations, but the right fit for you always seems acceptable.


Half the concern with a suit is about whether to go for something timeless or follow present fashion. The other half is the suit’s quality. If you suit does stay in fashion the quality is worth the effort and expense. This mean you probably cannot buy off the rack (unless you are ideally proportioned), or that high end suits might need at least some alteration. But is you invest in a good fitting suit that is of respectable quality, and stay a little conservative with the style, you will get many years of low maintenance wear.