A good suit requires an appropriate pair of shoes, lest the whole look be ruined. There are a few factors to consider here.


Black shoes with a black suit is probably the most common combination, but it can be a little conservative. There are other possible combinations, and we need not limit ourselves. Nonetheless every man should own at least one pair of formal black shoes. These will match almost every clothing option.


Navy Blue Suit

Try Black, Brown or Red/Burgundy Shoes. As long as the shoes aren’t brighter than the suit the various combinations should work well. Shoes can contrast, but not dominate.


Lighter Gray suit

A gray suit is a little less formal, but appropriate for some business offices. Again, Black, Brown or Red/Burgundy Shoes work well, provided the gray isn’t too dark.


Charcoal and Dark Gray suits

Black shoes match darker gray, and some Burgundy shoes, but never brown. The charcoal suit is a more serious and professional business look; light options don’t work.


Cream or White Suit

This will take anything except black. As long as the shoes aren’t too vivid almost any light colour show might work with cream or white suits


Wearing boots with a suit would have seemed like a disastrous idea a generation ago, but modern lace up boots can look quite slick. Anything boot protrudes outside the pants legs won’t work, but when the top of the boot is hidden inside the bottom of the pants cuff the result looks like a regular shoe. If the boot has a pointed front or looks stylish you will find the result is quite swarve. Boots are a good option in colder weather.


Virtually the only other accessories that go with the suit are the belt and tie (and perhaps a matching handkerchief). We recommend matching the belt with the shoes. The tie combination can be tricky, but most combinations work well, as long as no one factor is too salient.