Wedding dresses and Bridesmaid dresses are often bought in for alteration before the big event. Wedding dress alterations are mostly about design changes, where bridesmaid dresses are about getting the right fit for each of the bridesmaids. Though there is some variation either way with this practice.

The fabric and structure of a wedding gown is quite different to almost any other type of garment. Decorations on wedding dresses can be elaborate, with frills, beads and other ornamentation; else, they can be simple and elegant, with great dependence on the right fit. The only comparable garments are for fancy dress or elaborate balls. Such dress designs requite a certain amount of skill, expertise and experience.

Some individuals do attempt wedding dress modifications themselves. This is fine if you have the necessary skill and if the alteration is minor. Such alterations were common a few generations ago when many wives often made clothes for the whole family. Modern trends towards working families means only a few women and men possess the required sowing skills for such fine work.

Wedding dress modifications should be made as early as possible. But often a bride plans to ‘get in shape’ for the big day, so late alterations become necessary.

Remember that the veil, shoes, undergarments and anything else worn or carried on the wedding day should be carefully considered with the dress design. Everybody wants the final overall look to be as effective as possible.