Good clothes should be wrinkle free, lest their expense be wasted by an untidy appearance. But as ironing is a rather dull task it helps to have a few tricks up our (non-wrinkled) sleeve.

Most of these are not appropriate for clothes that require Dry cleaning.


Collars and Cuffs.

Small, fiddly sections of out clothing can be tedious to iron. Use a hair straightening iron for collars, cuff or any small section of a dress. Make sure the iron is completely clean in order to avoid staining.


Natural Drying

Hang wet shirts and garments in the Sun. They should dry wrinkle free. Some people like to dry them inside out to reduce fading from Sun’s ray. The UV light that clothes are exposed to outside helps reduce any bacteria from perspiration.

Natural drying exposes clothes to less wear, allows them to last longer.


Hot Shower Method

This seems to work for many shirts and some dresses. Put the garment on a clothes hanger and hang it in the bathroom while you have a hot shower. Keep the heater on if you have one. The clothes with be wrinkle free when dry. Make sure the clothes are hung neatly and symmetrically, lest they dry lopsided.


Tumble Clothes Dryer

Put a damp wrinkled garment in a tumble dryer and the wrinkles will disappear. Else, put a dry garment in with a wet cloth or sock. The process should not take more than a few minutes; remove the clothes the moment they are dry. Leaving them in longer will cause them to wrinkle all over again.



Storing clothes on a hanger prevent new wrinkles forming. If this is not possible, if you have to live out of a suitcase for a while, try storing cloths by rolling them up.



Some gentlemen’s suits resist wrinkling far more than others. Coarse cloth is less more wrinkle resistant than fine, even if it does not have quite the same prestige. Wool and many polyester suits will not wrinkle with normal wear. Coarse wool suit can survive many wears with no sign of wrinkling. Save fine suits for formal occasions. Use coarse wool or polyester for business travel.